We are a team of consultants providing decision support on risk, resilience and sustainability of systems at local regional and international scales

Areas of expertise

Integrated risk, resilience and sustainability assessment and management of systems

  • Engineered and infrastructure systems, social systems, communities and livelihoods

  • Environmental systems, assets and qualities

  • Organizational systems and operations

Climate change adaptation and mitigation

  • Extreme weather forecasting and impact assessment

  • Business and operations continuity management

  • Structural and non-structural protection and prevention measures

  • Meaningful address of UN sustainability goals and adaptation to changing regulations

Security assessment and management

  • Public spaces, infrastructure and services

  • Industry assets and operations

  • Private property and services

Risk communication, perception and knowledge management

  • Inter-disciplinary expert-to-expert communication

  • Expert-policy communication

  • Public risk communication and perception

  • Organizational knowledge management